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Friendly Terms in Modern Ireland

I'm trying to find which, if any, friendly terms are used in Ireland, particularly in the Dublin and/or Belfast areas. Edited to add: Those used generically or for friends by someone in their 20-30s and The equivalent of high school and college educated.

But friendly terms I mean things like, "chap, mate, dude, love", etc. As in, "What can I do for you, mate?" or "How's it going, dude?" or "Good morning, love."

So far, I haven't been able determine anything with any consistency.  I've found two sites that have said "love" is used. One, claimed, "darlin'" Another said older folks might use the gaelic "a ghra". Yet another, "dude" or "man".

Is there anything used fairly regularly? How about by women more than men or vice verse?"

Edited to add:
Re Tags. I used the list provided on the main community page. It did not include an  "Ireland" one. But I did include "Ireland" and "Irish" as separate tags. The system apparently did not accept them. If someone can point me to a more comprehensive list of acceptable site tags, I would be happy to use them and update those on this post.
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