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Brittish Medical School Soon After 1892

Setting: historical England, 1893& onward. Focuses on two characters, who are basically what you'd get if you combined House, Holmes and Jeeves, and Wilson, Watson and Bertie Wooster.

The W/W/W character (James, for the sake of breifness, though I'm not settled on his name) is going to go to med school in britain, after he's already been to universtiy (haven't given him a specific degree in anything, so if it's relevent, it can be whatever it has to be. He only finished school about a year before).

I can't find any information about what medical *school* would have been like in that time period. Plenty on what medicine was like, just not what it was like to learn it.

Would James have an apartment of his own? A dorm? Did Cambridge have a medical school? Did Oxford? Would there be a place more likely for him to go than either of those?

Would he wear a certain thing, like one of those academic robes?

Were there student-done autopsies?

What would student life generally be like (James is already engaged to someone at the time, if it's relevent)?

Would his friend/caretaker (the H/H/J character, Greg, again, just for breifness) be allowed to live with him? (James originally hired Greg to help him make the passage over from America back to England while he was seriously ill, and Greg has sort of remained on in that capacity, even though James isn't nearly as weak/sick anymore, if it's relevent.)

Anything else?

Searched: variants on: Historical medical school, medical school 1800's, medical school 1900's, Oxford history, Etc...
Tags: 1890-1899, uk: education, uk: history: victorian era, ~medicine: medical education

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