anitabuchan (anitabuchan) wrote in little_details,

Injuries from charging horse

I have a scene where a character gets charged by a horse - or, to be more accurate, an Each Uisge, a type of water-horse. I know that being trampled by a horse can cause severe injuries and even death. What I'm wondering is how minor his injuries could realistically be? Could my character get off with nothing more than bruises? The Each Uisge is trying to injure him, not just trampling him by accident.

The horse/Each Uisge in question is about 17 hands tall, big and powerful. The character is a 29 year old man in good health. The setting is modern day Scotland, if that's at all relevant!

I've tried googling combinations of trampling, charging, injuries and horses. I've also read various wikipedia articles on horses, including the one on war-horses.

Thank you!
Tags: ~animals: horses, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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