KaysinKacei (kaysinkacei) wrote in little_details,

Procedure of an 999 Emergency Phone Call

Hi, I'm trying to write an accurate emergency phone call to the police in modern day UK. I've searched on Google, but all I can find is the opening 'Emergency, which services?' then general procedure of giving name, location and the details of the emergency. I was really hoping to find the specific words used through the conversation so I can write it accurately. Does the operator speak after the service is given, or switch over immediately? Does the person answering give their name and location (ie. Hi, this is Constable Smith from the Wakefield Station), or just ask for information straight away? And what would they say if the person stopped responding half way through the call?

Sorry if this is really specific, and thanks for any help you can give me!
Tags: uk (misc), uk: government (misc), uk: government: law enforcement
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