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need to check translation on two French sentences

Hello, this is my first post so hopefully I'll get this right.

I've written a novel and need to check two sentences which appear in the text translated into French.

In the first instance, a man gives a flower to a French character and she says: Tellement très beau.

Is this the correct translation for "so very beautiful" or something to that effect?

In the second instance, a character is writing in her journal...

[in English: April 16, 1946: the Monster contacted me again]

This is what I wrote in French: 16 Avril 1946: le monstre m'a contacté encore.

Is the French correct? The "monster" is an ex-boyfriend who was involved in wartime killings of innocents.

I took French in high school but it's been a while. I checked these translations on Babelfish but that's not precise. I could not find a Usenet group dealing with translations.

Tags: ~languages: french
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