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Triage: Administering Sedative to Chronic Alcoholic with Compound Fracture

I've been bouncing around Google for hours.

The character is an aging alcoholic/solvent-sniffer (early 50s, but looks 70; he's been on the skids for a long time.) No one knows when he had his last drink, or whether his body has metabolized whatever it was he probably consumed yet. He's in ER with a double compound fracture just above an ankle, and he's in the middle of a paranoid delusional episode. He can't walk, but he's thrashing around violently on the gurney, and believes the healthcare workers are trying to kill him. It is unknown if the drugs/alcohol are masking mental illness or are the cause of it. He is very likely to have liver problems.

Please walk me through common hospital procedure from that point until he's sent to xray. I assume orderlies would be called for, he would be restrained, a sedative would be administered, he would be sent to x-ray, and his leg would be re-set.

Things I am wondering about:

What sort of signals would be used to indicate that a patient in ER was having a psychotic episode and the staff needed help?

How would they keep him from hurting himself or someone else?

What sort of sedatives would the doctors administer, and how would they determine to use those particular ones? (A common one for these situations is fine in this particular case.) What other things would they do to stabilize him?
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~recreational drugs

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