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Recycling Aluminium in the UK

Once again, I've begun writing a scene and just took for granted that things work the same way in the UK as they do in the US.

Googled: aluminium recycling UK, aluminium recycling Gloucestershire, and even pulled a can of Tango out of the bin and checked the labels.

Setting: rural Gloucestershire, now...ish.

I've got some hippie types messing around with some recycling bins that don't belong to them, presumably pulling beer and soda cans out to go sell to the recycling centre. I went into the scene assuming that they'd be able to get like, 5p or something for each can, kinda like how they do in the states, but I'm having trouble finding any sort of indication either way whether or not it works like this.

Thanks. :)

ETA: Question answered, and new route being taken. Thanks!
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