Sarien (sarien) wrote in little_details,

Faerie-American Trade / Special Ops Groups

First of all, I'd like to say how grateful I am for this community. I know I'll post 5 or 6 times before my story is half way finished.

My story involves the U.S. government sending an Ambassador to the Faerie realms. The time setting is present day. However, the Faerie (in another realm) are in a time period of their own. Their clothing is similar to Victorian and they speak in an archaic very formal style (if that helps). Anywho, the U.S. ambassador is there to work a trade agreement with their new allies. What kind of items would the faerie be interested from the U.S.? They have magic, so I'm thinking along the lines of technology. But they can't go from horses to cars, so what basic techological advances could be introduced? I have ideas about what the U.S. could want from the Faerie, but more ideas would be helpful.

Another question (unrelated to my first). What are the names of some special ops. groups (in America/European Countries)? I'm aware of the Green Berets, but what are others? Preferably intelligence based.

Thanks. If I didn't explain things correctly, just tell me and I'll try to "unconfuse" you. ^^;
Tags: ~folklore (misc), ~military (misc)
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