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Sheep's Cold and Ice Saints (weather conditions) in Germany

In a story I am writing (which takes place in Weimar era Germany), I want to set a scene outdoors in May or June. I've been looking at the weather singularities - Schafskälte (sheep's cold) and Eisheiligen (ice saints). Unfortunately, most of the information I am finding is in German and my language translation skills are still not very good!

I was wondering if anyone can tell me a bit more about these weather conditions - like how far the temperature is likely to drop, and how suddenly it comes on. I would also like to know what geographical area of Germany is affected by these weather conditions, particularly if this would affect someone living in the Wiesbaden area.

Also, if there are any folk sayings, proverbs, or stories related to the conditions those would be helpful as well! Thank you.
Tags: germany (misc), germany: folklore, ~climate/weather

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