sptmbrwind (sptmbrwind) wrote in little_details,

Entombment and Decomposition

I've googled decomposition, buried alive, and gotten the gist of what happens to a body after death. However, most of the websites I've read make reference to insects, soil, sun, and so forth. I need to know how a body will decompose without exposure to such things.

A woman is buried alive in an airtight cement enclosure in a basement, approximately the size of a small bedroom. A trapdoor leading out is sealed over with cement, and she's left without food or water. She happens to be pregnant, not so much that she's showing, but I don't know if that information has any impact on the results. This event occurs in New York in February. Two months later, someone comes along and excavates, finding her body.

How long will it take her to die? I'm assuming she'll suffocate before she starves to death...

How badly will she be decomposed? Will there be a recognizable body, or only skeletal remains?

How strong is the smell going to be when the man opens up the tomb, and how long will it take to air out the space so that he can comfortably stand inside it?
Tags: ~buried alive, ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine: suffocation
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