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Royal Navy Port Procedure in 1799

Hello. I am new here, and I found this community in the nick of time.
I have a question.

A Captain in the Royal Navy sailing into Portsmouth in 1799 would report to whom? I'm fairly sure he would report to somebody, but I'm not sure what that position might be and where their office would be located. Most of the information I've found refers to London and the Admiralty there. Who would be the Admiralty's representative in Portsmouth? Is it the port admiral, who is not exactly an admiral and in charge of repairing ships (I mean, the ship does need to be repaired, but is this the first place the captain would go)?

This is driving me nuts, and I can't get any further than halfway through Chapter 5 without the answer.

setting: Portsmouth, England, 1799

research: a lot of googling of such things as "port procedure 1799," "Nelson's Navy," "port admiral." Have read through various books on Nelson, one book on the Royal Dockyards, Richard Woodman's The Sea Warriors, and some Patrick O'Brian books and have not found a difinitive answer. Have also looked through the archives here, and, while I've found a lot of great tidbits, have come to the conclusion that this question has not been asked.

I have found scads of info about ships at sea, but not a whole lot on ships in port, so any information would be helpful.
Tags: 1790-1799, uk: history: regency period, ~age of sail, ~boats and other things that float

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