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Use of forearm crutches, possible birth deffect?

Okay, so I may have written myself into a corner here…

Location: Texas, USA
Time period: 1965 (though I suppose I could fudge it a year or two in either direction) to 2003

I have a male character who uses/needs forearm crutches to get around. Problem is, I don’t know why. He’s been waiting for me to write this and I have reached the end of my research capabilities. I come to you, dear people.

I still need him to be pretty active.
I would absolutely prefer him to have been born with this condition.
Unfixable (or at least he still needs the crutches) but not degenerate.
It can not effect any other part of him (he needs to be very dexterous with his hands, etc.).

Character info:
Born Texas in 1965, give or take a year as needed, to billionaire parents (so money is not an obstacle in treatment). Actual story take’s place in 2003.

So I’ve considered spina bifida, CP, and Polio but, for varying reasons, I don’t think any of those would work. I could be wrong and would welcome any opinions.
Googled: (the above), birth defects, birth defects+legs, born without muscles, missing muscles, bone & muscles defects….

I will not being going into a great detail, just a few lines on why he needs the crutches/walks like that, etc. But I need to *know*.

Do I need to rethink my character or can you wonderful people save me?

Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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