deengoblue (deengoblue) wrote in little_details,

Beer in 1977 Texas

Where: South East Texas (U.S.)
When: 1974-78

Small town outside of Beaumont, Texas in 1977. I’ve been trying to figure out what brand of beer my 34 year old character has subsisted upon these last few years. And would he tend to drink it in bottles or cans?

I’ve googled and wiki-ed (variations of beer, 1970's, Texas--including images) and tried for first hand accounts but the appropriately older generation didn’t really drink. Research has consistently pointed me at Smokey & The Bandit, which is only helpful up to a point. I've had luck finding what beer was available at the time, but not the specifics of...preferences, I guess? I just don't want to commit a gaffe.

Any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks.

Tags: 1970-1979, usa: texas, ~booze

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