Miss V. Chick (sadlikeknives) wrote in little_details,
Miss V. Chick

Chinese Mythology/Folklore

Okay, so I did something stupid.

Backstory: I'm in a creative writing class, and I decided to be fancy and tie all my stories together in the same universe. It's this reality where all the myths were real, about a UN project composed of very powerful children of gods. The very first rough bang-up I did for class, I didn't have much of the back story worked out, so I just randomly assigned most of my main team powers and prayed I could make them work. Which I have, for all but one. She's from Beijing, and I'm afraid I'm rather weak on eastern Asia's mythology.

Question: I need is some sort of Chinese mythological deity-type with some kind of energy-based or weather ability. (The character in question can throw lightning bolts, but the powers don't have to match up exactly.)

And yes, I have tried researching this, but it's kind of hard to look something up when you don't really know what you're looking for in the first place. When I was trying to figure out who hired one of the other characters to steal Thor's hammer, I at least had a couple of names to start with...and now I'm babbling.

So. Any suggestions?

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