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Regarding sexual intercourse and gunshot injury

I have a character who gets shot in the upper chest on the left-side and the right lower abdomen near the hip/thigh joint. Its at least 6-8 months before he gets involved in another relationship. He and his girlfriend are sexual and this is where problems begin to arise, since their relationship is not normal.

I have tried searching "having sex with gunshot wounds", "difficulty with gunshot injury and sexual intercourse?", etc. but the results I'm getting are gunshot wounds to the genitals or with other material that seems irrelevant. When my characters are attempting to have sex or are fooling around, there is obvious pain involved, but what kind I'm not sure.

My question is are there any other key words I can get that would maybe lead me in the direction I'm looking for?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~sex

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