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FBI teams and kids with no place to go

My scenario is in Washington D.C, 2008/09. Mysterious homicides and attacks have been reported over the past two weeks – several people with no apparent connections to each other have been killed at different times and in different places.

I’ve got two questions concerning the F.B.I –

1.       How do they work? I know there’s the stuff on TV where they have teams and stuff (like the squints in Bones and Gibbs’s team on NSIC) but how does that actually work in real life? Would a pair of Special Agents working as partners have like a particular team to work with as well? Such as, someone they have to photograph the scene, someone for the nitty-gritty CSI, someone who works in the lab, etc., or do they just call in different people who work in the Bureau when they need them?


2.       At one particular crime scene two teenagers are left alone after their father is killed (it’s a supernatural story and the attackers are vampires, but that’s not important to my question so I won’t go into detail). What I need to know is what the FBI would do with the kids after questioning them about the crime – the 15-year-old boy runs away, ditching his sister (14) and now she’s left with the investigators. Contact is yet to be made with the children’s mother, who is, as far as the children know, living in California. The FBI goes and searches for the boy but what would they do with the girl in the meantime? If it was only for a day or two that the boy was missing would she stay at the Bureau or something? Or would she just be carted off to a social worker?

I've googled stuff on the FBI and how they work, and things like child protection but since I don't really know what to look for I'm not getting anywhere....


Thanks in advance.

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, ~custody & social services

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