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Treatment/Effects of Broken Wrists

Setting: America, present-day. Takes place during a zombie epidemic, but the character in question is taken to a fully equipped, functional military hospital (which she visits often, in case there's an issue of whether she can come back to it for further treatment).

The character is a 20 year old female in great health. Both her wrists are broken in a twisting fashion (enemy is holding her by the wrists, she twists around to kick him, which breaks her wrists). My main questions are how this would be treated (would surgery be recommended/required? What other treatment would be possible? Would they give her stints? I want her in casts, but I planned for her to get the casts a few days or so later, so would that be realistic?), how long it would take the wrists to heal, and exactly how much these injuries would limit the use of her hands (for example, could she use or wiggle her fingers? Would it be at all possible for her to drive a car after she was initially treated by a doctor, as in before she gets surgery/casts?).

I tried googling "broken wrists", "effects of broken wrists", "types of broken wrists", and "treatment for broken wrists". Mostly I found things describing possible treatments, but they all said things like "depending on what kind of break it was", but never elaborate on which kinds of breaks require which kinds of treatments. The majority of the information I found focused on breaks resulting from falling on an outstretched hand, which I imagine would be different from the kind of breaks my character experiences.

Thanks in advance!
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