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Jungle Acclimatisation - Experiences

Once again, I come asking for actual experiences, because this is where the net often falls short. I have searched many combinations of jungle acclimatisation and acclimatization and have found a few blogs mentioning experiences, and others giving tips for preparation, but nothing went beyond "hot and humid" "dehydrated" etc. I am hoping that I might get a glimpse here into what it feels to suddenly be in jungle climate and be forced to be physically active without acclimatisation.

My character is young, around 21, physically fit but no superman (young squaddie) and on his second or third day in the jungle (alternating between primary and secondary jungle) when forced to be physically very active, when things go wrong.

I need to know what it feels like, how one pushes oneself against exactly what; what it is like to keep going against the heat and humidity. Is one short of breath? Does one sweat buckets? (I presume one does) Does one struggle to keep hydrated? (again, I presume one does) Do the joints ache more than in a different environment?

Any and all experience of the jungle environment is greatly appreciated.

Tags: ~wilderness survival

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