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Waking from a coma

Setting: Sci-fi Japan, year unknown (it's fanfiction set in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds universe, for those who might be familiar).
I need to know: . . . sorry, this is a little TL;DR. Basically, the character, Crow, is fighting against a group called the Dark Signers (if you're not in fandom, all you need to know is they are very magical and Very Bad News). He has to shut off a gigantic surrealist machine called Momentum, and while doing so he gets caught between Rudger (the leader of the Dark Signers) and the only way out, there's a large scuffle involving both magical and more mundane means, Crow falls, head injuries are imminent, and out go the lights. He's in a coma for two weeks. The way I have the story set up, he needs to be able to walk (albeit slowly and not perfectly) three months later. Is that even possible, and what kinds of things can he expect (physically and mentally) as he recovers?

Sources: I actually went straight to my mother, who's in the medical profession. It's from her that I learned about the probable difficulties walking and potential short-term memory problems, but she was a little hazy on specific answers to the above questions (possibly because she's not entirely clear on the concept of author's license).
Tags: ~medicine: coma

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