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Russian Terms of Endearment

I have a Russian male who has a lover, a male lover.  My Russian's name is Volkov - just the one name - and his lover, Ethan.  Volkov is from the country, he is not a 'city boy'. Neither is Ethan.  Volkov is the dominant in the relationship, though Ethan is no way effeminate.

What term of endearment would Volkov call Ethan? It doesn't have to be translated into 'sweetheart' or similar.

I searched and came up with a few options; dorogoi, mil'yi, lyuboi or lyubov and salvnyi.  I am told they are terms of endearment akin to sweetheart, dear, hony etc.  usually from female to male. So far in my story I have used lyubov; meaning 'love'.  Is there something better?

Thanks in advance

Tags: ~languages: russian

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