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Chemical Burns to an 11-yr-old boy? And the shock of it?


This is my first post - hope I'm doing this rigth!

The above said character is going to be rendered blind by chemical burns - someone splashed a household chemical in his face. What I don't know is what kind of household chemical is strong enough to make him go blind, even if there a medical expertise present who can wash his face immediately. Also, what kind of degree of burning (and scarring) would there be? 

So, just to clarify - he needs to be rendered permanently blind, with what kind of chemical? 

A second question: Is there a kind of shock people can go through that will make them, say, immobile? My character is the youngest of seven children, he's small for his age and can be clingy and very dependant on other people. When he goes blind he is going to go through some kind of shock because of it - the pain and loss of sight is overwhelming for him. Does anyone know any stories of people going through shock from trauma that would make them not want to move or perhaps be physically weakened? 

Thanks ahead of time :D
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: injuries to order

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