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effects of losing the tongue, particularly in regards to eating

Googled: effects of losing tongue, eating without tongue, tongue removed, tongue cut out, life without tongue. Mostly I turned up articles about tongue reconstruction.
Setting: fantasy world at roughly the same technological level as 14th/15th century Europe
Character: male, mid-40s
Question: I have a character whose tongue is cut out (canon). How much of the tongue is lost is unspecified, but it's enough that he can't talk, but can still eat. I assume he's still eating solid food, given that this is set in a time without blenders and there's no references made to him only eating liquids. I'd like to know how exactly you'd go about eating without a tongue. I'd imagine that it would get pretty tedious when you can't taste your food, but I'm also interested in the mechanics of it.

Of course, any other info that anyone has about life sans tongue would be welcome as well. Thanks!

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~mute/unable to talk

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