rage&serenity (celli_puzzle) wrote in little_details,

Hurricane Katrina Overview


I'm writing a story about Hurricane Katrina, and while I've been trying to get all the facts right by using The New York Times archive and Anderson Cooper's book "Dispatches from the Edge", it's difficult to get the big picture. So I'd like to ask a few questions:

1. Would it be feasible for a character to stay in a hotel in Baton Rouge the night Katrina hit?
2. How easy would it be for an individual to get into New Orleans after the hurricane?
3. What were the conditions like in the Superdome the second day?
4. What sort of rescue teams were in place? (I know the National Guard didn't get there for a while, but...)

Thank you very much! I've Googled "conditions of hurricane katrina in superdome", "effect of katrina on baton rouge" and "rescue teams in new orleans after hurricane katrina". I've read the Wikipedia timeline, but of course I'd like to fact check :)
Tags: 2000-2009, usa: louisiana, ~catastrophes

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