Mimi♡ (sitakhet) wrote in little_details,

Turn of the century etiquette/propriety

I've managed to mostly answer my own questions using some amazing google-fu, I just wanted to be certain since the Internet can't speak up and tell me "Yes, this page is 100% right!"

Time: 1900s (around 1903-4 to be more exact)
Place: Ithaca, New York

Gentleman A offers his coat to the chilled Miss A, a friend of the family who's travelling with them. I've got that part down, but how does she put it on? Does she drape it over her shoulders or actually stick her arms in the sleeves? (Stupid detail, but I'm a little pedantic sometimes.)

This got me much more vague information - would it raise any eyebrows at all if Miss A and Miss B fell asleep in the same bed? In a completely non-sexual way, one was just comforting the other and they dozed off. I know siblings did it (or entire families sometimes,) but they're not siblings. If it is actually a no-no situation, no one's going to find them, it's more of a, one of them wakes up and thinks "Oh, well this looks rather...not good."
Tags: 1900-1909, ~clothing

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