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Karate belts

I have a character who's a teenage boy. He was doing karate from about age seven (I've never said what age he started, I'm kinda flexible on that) until he was almost sixteen. He's not a super-star or anything but he's pretty good. I've been able to find lists of the different-colored belts, but what I need to know is which belt would have been a likely color for him to have been when he stopped. All I seem to be able to find is lists, or things that go into way too much detail. I don't know really anything about karate, and frankly for this, I don't really need to, since it's all in his past. I'm just being obsessively nitpicky and wanting to know what belt he would have been.

Edit: Lots of people are saying that it depends on what type of school he's at. I don't know what type he's been at, but I do know that he's been at several. He moved around a ton (army brat) til he was thirteen, so for the first big chunk of his karate time, he was at a different school pretty much every year. I'm gonna go with either brown belt or jr black belt, I believe. Is jr black belt the same as first degree black belt? I've seen both those responses.
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