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The Day Dream - Yachts in the 1790s

I'm writing a fic that takes place in 1794 and involves Sir Percy Blakeney's yacht, the Day Dream. I've searched all over for yachts in the 1790s, searching on google and wiki, and even searching all over Regency and Georgian sites--but I can't find anything on the actual ships, just on the culture and the Royal Yacht Club.

What I need is:

1. Schematics for the yacht, because I really get confused when ships are just described in words.

2. When the heck did ships start having galleys? I've tried searching this and only get a history of the galley ship, not of the galley (as in kitchen) ON a ship.

3. How big would the Day Dream be, and how much crew would she have? I'm assuming she wouldn't have any guns, since she's a pleasure-cruiser.

4. Could she hold enough supplies &c. for seven passengers and then crew? And we know that she's sufficient for crossing the Channel, but what about longer journeys? I'm aware that yachts weren't really made for longer journeys, but secrecy (the seven passengers are the LXG) means they can't really commission a larger ship.

Edit: One of my sailing friends suggested that the Day Dream was probably a two-masted schooner, gaff rigged. After searching to try and find an image reference, I found the Lynx. Do you think using the Lynx as a basis for the Day Dream is historically accurate?
Tags: 1790-1799, ~boats and other things that float

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