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Daily Life at a Fashion Studio

Setting of story: I'm writing a short story that takes place in a fashion magazine studio. Think Devil Wears Prada or America's Next Top Model.

I've searched for 'daily life in the fashion industry','high-fashion photography,' 'working for a fashion magazine', and 'life at a fashion studio'. I've read articles of careers in fashion, but it's not quite what I want-sure they give brief outlines about what you do, but nothing really specific. I have no idea how anything really works.

I want to know about the inner workings of the fashion industry; specifically, what's it like to work for a high-fashion magazine.

-as an editor/the person in charge
-as a model
-as a photographer
-as a makeup artist

How the modeling/photography works,a day in the life,how things are run, what the building looks like, and any other really little details about it.

Thank you so much, and I apologize for being so clueless.
Tags: ~clothing, ~publishing & copyright

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