Luna Tiger (blackstronghold) wrote in little_details,
Luna Tiger

Desert? Kitty litter!

I'm ashamed I'm even asking, but if I knew I would someday need the info, I would've paid a heck of a lot more attention.

Alright, basic questions, because I haven't seen it asked recently, and makes no appearance in the memories folder (though I'm sure they've already been run through a thousand times): in the story I'm writing, five people get flung back through time, and two find themselves in the middle of the North African desert, after a period of unconsciousness.

Okay, not in the middle per se (we're talking 3000 years ago Egypt), but definitely with nothing but dunes in sight.

1) How long can they survive without water?
2) How cold does it get in that area at night?
3) There were caravans travelling the north expanse, right?
4) And what city was the capital located in post-Ahkenaten? Was it Thebes? Better yet, what was the capital just before the Greek dynasties settled in?

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