chutney ferret (hellaweasels) wrote in little_details,
chutney ferret

1970s University Culture

Setting: early 1970s [1970-1974], West Virginia, North-central area, at a rather large University

Backstory: The main characters are two gay males, one the scion of a rather wealthy family [in-state] (I haven't quite figured out what they're rich from yet) and the other is an orphan from NYC. They're not flamboyant or anything like that.

Questions: What I need are, really, some ideas of how the campus life would be in the 70s. Not the gay subculture-just the general student body.
Like general attitudes, policies, dorm life, anything else you can think of.

Research Done: wikipedia'd the pages for the real-life basis of the city/University. And these websites: and
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: education: higher education, usa: west virginia

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