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Wills and Murder and Crazy, oh my!

Time for a confusing question. :D Let's see if you guys can be better than Yahoo!Answers, who failed at helping me out here. I honestly don't know the first place to start Googling this, but I did try scanning some Wiki articles on British law and that was a no go.

Setting: present day England

My character, R, is a German citizen. After the death of his grandfather, he goes to England to live with his father, but maintains his German citizenship. R's father is the CEO of a medium-sized computer software company based in London. R has no other family.

R's father has named R the sole successor of his estate in his will. Not knowing this, R ends up killing him after a minor altercation. Because he's crazy. R is arrested and convicted of murder.

Okay. Here's where it gets a little weird.

Instead of being placed in jail, R is given over to a government project testing a new serum they've developed that's capable of instilling a sort of "fugue" state of amnesia in a person, who can then be "reconditioned". The treatment is a success, and after a year, R is released from the program and begins to live a "normal" life.

My question is: would R still receive the funds from his father's will, even though he killed him? In your opinion, even if the law were to state no, would R still receive the funds since he knows his father was dead but does not have the memory of killing him himself?

If R did not get the funds, estate, company, etc, where would they go to?

Thank you!
Tags: germany (misc), ~inheritance

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