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Telling fortunes with playing cards

I have a character who's doing a seven-card spread... he ends up with these seven cards. I just wanted to check with the community and see if this sounded reasonable (it does to me from what I've researched) and if there are any combinations here than also mean something, or if there are any hidden meanings I've missed.

1. Past influences contributing to the present situation.
Card drawn: Eight of Clubs. Jealousy and greed, trouble in relationships.
2. Choices and alternatives relating to the current situation.
Card drawn: Nine of Hearts. Wishes coming true.
3. Stability or instability of the current situation.
Card drawn: Three of Hearts. The need to be cautious. Emotional problems.
4. Challenges in the situation.
Card drawn: Six of Diamonds. Problems or arguments in a relationship.
5. Help or hindrances.
Card drawn: Five of Spades. Problems which will end well.
6. People who are friends or foes in the situation.
Card drawn: Jack of Clubs. A dark-haired, good-hearted youth who is a reliable friend.
7. Final outcome of the situation.
Card drawn: Ten of Hearts. Good luck, success, and happiness.

Oh, and setting is modern-day... and this is simply a normal deck of playing cards, NOT TAROT CARDS. I looked at several pages, mostly drawing from these...
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