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characterizing electrostimulation and static electricity

Yes, I have asked previously in writing_sex, but did not quite get the answers I needed on some points, and specifically not the technicals (I was never very good at electricity stuff, y'see, and I need to have a quick explanation in there).

So basically, A) How does violet wand-style electrostimulation actually feels? and B) Does the characterization below makes any sense?

"Oh GOD, how do you do that?" he moaned.

He could feel himself turning into a pile of goo at the alien touch.

"Well, you know my attacks are based on static electricity, right?"

"Well, yesssss!"

It felt as if he other's arm trailed pins and needles.

"A static discharge is high-voltage in a fraction of a second, but if you run slightly lower voltage on a constant surface contact, you get this warm, prickly sensation. And with a smaller surface, you get stronger shocks."

Thanks in advance!
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