Jane Williams (janewilliams20) wrote in little_details,
Jane Williams

What's the name of the policeman in "Ivor the Engine"?

Question: as per subject. No more info required. I know there's a policeman in there somewhere, but can't even remember what episode he's in.

Setting: The top left-hand corner of Wales.

Googled: "Ivor the Engine" plus "policeman" or "police"
Read the Wikipedia entry for Ivor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivor_the_Engine
Read the Ivor website. http://www.smallfilms.co.uk/ivor/
Asked various people who claim to have loved Ivor as kids.
Any further suggestions for places to search, or how to search, very welcome.

Instant answer: PC Gregory! Thanks!
Tags: ~television

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