Juni (giveyoulife) wrote in little_details,

Regarding Moons and Asteroid Rings

Setting/Genre: fantasy; Earth-like world
Research: I've been reading up on the moon, but I'm at a loss for a specific term to look up. I've dug through the archives here, of course.

I've been world-building, and I decided that the planet my story is set on does not have a moon; it does, though, have an asteroid ring. How would this affect environmental things like tides? I know that if our moon were closer, the tides would be stronger, but I'm not sure how to apply that fact to my fantasy world. (Can you tell I'm not a science person?) Would the asteroid belt be visible at night, reflecting sunlight like the moon? Would a group of asteroids be recognizable (to mark the passage of time, like a month)? Would the ring always be visible, or always be in the same spot in the sky?

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of relevant questions, but these are the only ones springing to mind at the moment. Thanks everyone!

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for your input, everyone! I see I have a lot more research ahead of me.
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy

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