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Dislocated Hip: Walk, Drive? (Injuries to order.)

Thank you to everyone who helped with my last request. I'm sorry to be back so fast!

Setting: San Diego, modern day.
Googled: "walk dislocated hip", "walking ability dislocated hip", "hip dislocation", "hip reduction", "closed hip reduction", etc. all with and without "acquired" and with and without "-congenital."

During a brawl, my protagonist is grabbed by the shoulder and thigh, spun and thrown bodily against a dumpster. The attacker lets go of her shoulder first, and then her leg. I would like this maneuver to dislocate her hip.

1. Googling tells me this injury occurs when the hip joint is subjected to "adduction, internal rotation, and some degree of flexion." So, knee slightly bent, moving from an outward position to an inward position (relative to the spine) and rotated inward (knee joint rotating inward.)

Did I interpret that right? My medicalese is weak, and I'm having trouble visualizing those three factors together.

2. Could someone with a dislocated hip walk a short distance (ten feet) with a cane? Could that person sit and drive with the other leg, or would the pain be debilitating?

Does this prognosis change if this is an open traumatic hip dislocation?

3. Googling indicates the joint can be popped into place using a procedure I won't have to describe --fortunately. If the displacement is a simple posterior displacement, is this correct, and how much pain relief will follow the procedure?

Personal experiences with acquired hip dislocation would be appreciated, too, if you feel like sharing a war story. Every detail helps.

Thank you!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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