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Russian diminutives for "Irina"

I've been thinking of writing a story set in Russia at the turn of the 20th century, and I'm curious about the different diminutive forms of the name Irina.

Googled: Russian diminutive names irina ira

In my searches, I've found lists of names and nicknames, but nothing to indicate which name would be appropriate (or, even better, inappropriate) to use by people in certain kinds of relationships with her. This wonderful website lists the following nicknames for Irina: Ira, Irinka, Irinochka, Irisha, Irishka, Irinchik, Irunchik.

I'm guessing that Ira is the "standard" nickname, like Kate is for Katherine. My character is going to have a twin brother, so besides Ira...
  • which of those names would be appropriate for him to use as a child and (if different) as an adult?
  • What would be mildly condescending for him to use? (Say she's being unreasonable and he's trying to sweet-talk her into agreeing with him?)
  • What would be entirely inappropriate coming from him (better suited for a husband)?
  • Of the names above, would Irinchik/Irunchik be used by, say, her grandfather when she's a very young girl?
Also, I really like the name Irishka -- what connotations does that have, and who shouldn't use it?

Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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