Phate (phate_phoenix) wrote in little_details,

Superficial Gunshot Wound to the Head

Time: Modern, occurs in a hospital surrounded by doctors
Age: Fifty-ish
Weapon: Handgun of sorts?
Searched: Any combination of the words ‘gunshot’, ‘bullet’, ‘wound’, ‘head’, ‘ear’, 'cheek', ‘superficial’, ‘shallow’, and ‘non-lethal’. Mostly got sites about people were shot through the brain and lived.

I have a character who I need to pass out and bleed a lot from a gunshot wound, but without it being actually serious. I figured that a gunshot to head probably would be what I’m looking for. However, I have no idea what kind of damage getting nicked by a bullet would do to you. O.o Thus, my question:

Is it possible for a bullet to graze the cheek and nick off part of the ear? Would this cause unconsciousness (even if it is only briefly) and a scary amount of blood to pool around the victim’s head (from a bystander’s position)? If so, what kind of hospitalization would be needed for that kind of wound? Overnight care? Or could the character be released safely after a few hours (possibly AMA)?

Thanks for all your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~medicine: knocking 'em out

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