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San Diego Neighborhoods to Order?

Setting: San Diego, 2004.
Searched: Real-estate websites for the area, real-estate listings (keywords including: "luxury house/home san diego", "real estate san diego" + "sale"); extensive abuse of Google Earth and Street View function.

Question: I'm trying to site two properties, for sake of determining travel distances. Caper plot, the things you make me do.

Property one needs to be in a wealthy, private neighborhood. Money is not an object, but privacy is important. The owner is a local banking magnate, and the house and neighborhood may be historical, or not.

Property two was built in the twenties, and was built deliberately at the edges of the town as they existed at that time. The owner preferred to build into a hill or ridge, and the property should be inland, not along the ocean. Larger grounds are still preferred, and an access a highway or other more direct way of getting into the city quickly.

My sense from research is that these sorts of properties don't exist centrally within the city, and that La Jolla would be a good choice for property one. Property two-- I'm at a loss.

Tags: usa: california, ~real estate

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