azalaea (azalaea) wrote in little_details,

I'll shoot you with one hand missing and my thumb blown off!

Setting: Nowish, but no access to advanced surgery etc for these people.

I did try searching "Amputee marksmanship" but I really don't think this is Googleable.

Suppose you are missing the thumb of your left hand, and  your right hand in its entirety (some kind of crude prosthesis such as a hook on the right hand is possible, but nothing more sophisticated),  is it at all possible to hold and fire a gun? Would it be easier with any particular kind of gun?

Character is about 20, would be learning to shoot post-injury,  is not expecting to perform feats of marksmanship, but would just like to be one of several scary armed people. I haven't decided about handedness yet.

Edit: Any kind of gun will do, rifles are of interest as well as handguns.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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