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1920s/30s Germany: cabaret, alcohol; WW1 militaria; mourning customs

Greetings! I'm working on an alternate history short story, in which WW1 never happens. Sort of; there's a large European War from about 1930-35, which then leads to the Cold War.

The two mains are a pair of 19/20-year-old girls. One of them drags the other out for a night of fun after her brother's funeral (the next day or the day after, not the night of.)

I have questions on a variety of things (as you may guess from the subject...) line and the profusion of tags.

- In the 1920s & 1930s, absinthe, sloe gin may have been popular. Absinthe was never banned in Germany. (google: popular drinks 1930s germany (eng and ger, variations thereon); wikipedia (de & en) pages on alcohols)

? Would young women (age 19 or so) have drunk these things? Would it be seen as sophisticated? What other drinks might they have had?

? Cabarets: would young women have gone to them? Would it have been weird? (google & wikipedia: cabaret/kabarett, who went to cabarets 1920s, burlesque) Google says that by the 1920s, burlesques were just strip clubs basically. So I want cabarets, I'm pretty sure.

? Or would they have gone to a Kneipe/pub instead?

? How were families of war deceased notified? Bodies were buried at the front (I gather), so were personal effects sent home, and did they get posthumous medals? I mainly want to know about the German customs. I can guess based on what I've seen in American movies, but ...
(google: world war 1 deceased notification families german/ erster weltkrieg toten familie notifiziert)

? What were mourning customs in 1930 Berlin? (google: funeral/mourning customs germany/berlin/lutheran 1930; trauergebräuche 1930)

? What did German soldiers carry for luck in WW1? (Google: luck charm world war 1; erster weltkrieg amulett/talisman/Glücksbringer) (The last one there got me a link to a lottery page. :P ) Would they have taken ribbons or handkerchiefs from friends/siblings/etc? Locks of hair?

If you have other google-fu suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. English or German language sites are fine. I also asked my flist and read the tags on this comm. (Mod: if this is too long, I'll cut it.)
Tags: 1910-1919, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, germany: folklore, germany: history, germany: military, ~funerals, ~world war i

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