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treatment and recovery of something akin to thigh wounds from bear claws

I say "akin to" because my character wasn't attacked by a bear, she was attacked by Sabretooth (of X-Men infamy). He dug his claws into her thigh, the four from his fingers on the outside up near her hip and the thumb more on the top of her thigh, then he dragged them down. Say the wounds are two inches deep or so, beginning as puncture wounds and then becoming slashes/cuts.

Abandoned lab up in the Canadian Rockies, current day. She's able to subdue Sabes (bullets in the brainpan, squish!) and call for help before she passes out. The X-Men are there within a few hours thanks to the Blackbird and she's given proper medical attention. Say she's untreated for five hours at most. The X-Men have access to state-of-the-art equipment as well.

Also, Sabes is rather methodical and talking about raping her while he's doing the clawing, so he's taking his time and making sure he doesn't do enough damage to make her bleed out. It's no fun otherwise, right?

What I'm struggling with: What kind of treatment would be given? What info I found mentioned drains in the wounds post-surgery to help (duh) drain the wound and prevent infection. I figure she'd have to be stitched up.

What are the consquences of said injury? Nerve damage and some severed muscles, I'm assuming.

What's the recovery period/prognosis? She'll eventually be walking again after a long and painful process of physical therapy and she's the type to be stubborn about getting back on her feet.

What I searched: Google for things like "bear claws", "thigh wounds", "thigh wound, bear claws, treatment, recovery", "clawed on thigh", "damage from bear claws, thigh", "muscle damage", "skeletal muscle damage", "muscle death", "severed muscles". Unfortunately I'm the type to make things more difficult for myself and have concentration problems so my Google-fu is rather weak sometimes. That and half the stuff I found regarding medical treament was abstracts for articles I'd have to pay to read.

I appreciate any and all help.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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