lindenfoxcub (lindenfoxcub) wrote in little_details,

Tinderbox/Snuff box

Googled combinations of: Tinderbox, snuff box, size, measurements, etc - didn't think this would be that hard to find out; I even looked at a couple of sites selling them, and none of them had either measurements, or pictures of the items with something for size reference.

I need to know how big a tinderbox or a snuffbox is. I have a mechanical object that I need to describe how big it is, and ideally I'd want it to be compared to one of those two things for the sake of setting description. One of them would have to be the right size, but I don't know how big either is.

This is for my steampunk work again, and the object is a key code similar and inspired by RSA token security. The thing will be stolen, replicated, then hidden inside a pocket watch, so the thing to describe it's size needs to be in that ballpark range. The guy replicating it is a genius, so he can make it smaller once he gets hi hands on it if need be.
Tags: ~cigarettes

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