Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in little_details,
Ansela Jonla

Blood in zero-g

Background: My character, A, is on an FTL-capable passenger shuttle, which doesn't have artificial gravity due to its small size. While travelling in an area of space that prevents FTL travel the shuttle is attacked and boarded by marauders/pirates that have been preying on such craft recently. The pilots of the shuttle are shot and killed, but the attackers leave when two military carriers/battleships drop out of FTL space nearby. A is the only other person on board who knows anything about piloting and so he has to go into the cockpit where the pilot and co-pilot's bodies are.

What would A see as he moves through the cockpit, in respect to the blood? Would it be floating in the air in little spheres like in sci-fi movies, or would the lack of gravity prevent blood loss?

If it is floating, what would happen if A brushed against it or it collided with him? Would he be covered in blood spatter, or would the blood just bounce off him?

Search terms: "blood in zero g", "effects of zero g on blood", "injuries in zero g". got ffn links and game reviews and effects on blood that's still in the body and articles on the spine and performing surgery in zero g that required a subscription to see, but nothing helpful.

not sure about the tag for this so I've used 'no category'
Tags: ~science: physics

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