Meredith (hiroeb) wrote in little_details,

Continent Models

I'm currently writing a story set in modern day Britain. Many of the characters are still in school and the subject of geography is mentioned a few times. I know there's no standard definition of the number of continents in the world, so I need to know what model the people in Britain currently use. Do they recognize 6 or 7 continents? It seems like such a silly thing to get wrong. The characters are English, by the way. Doubt it makes any difference in this case, but I might as well mention it.

I've tried looking up the answer on my own, but I haven't found a consistent answer from any really creditable sources. One site says that all English speaking countries follow the seven continent model. Another says that Britain follows the six continent model where America is one continent. Another site says they use the seven continent model. Then I found another source that says they used the seven continent model up until five years ago. I'm confused.
Tags: uk: education

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