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Car Wreck Causing Permanent Limp

What I'm aiming for: An injury which could have been caused by a car wreck, to person on the passenger's side, that causes a permanent or long lasting limp, with the aid of a cane sometimes/often needed.

Setting: Modern day, outside of New York City

I have a character who I want to have a permanent limp, but I’m getting tangled up in the details. What I’d been thinking of so far was that this character (a 51 year old male) and his wife (aged somewhere between 41 and 46) were involved in a car accident, which killed the wife (who was driving), and left this character (on the passenger’s side) with a permanent limp that causes occasional pain when he walks, and usually requires the assistance of a cane. He would have been highly intoxicated at the time it happened.

So, essentially, I'm wondering what would have needed to happen in that car wreck to sustain that kind of lasting damage. I figure that the couple was arguing, which distracted the wife enough that she accidentally ran a red light, causing another car to crash directly into her side, killing her. For the man, I'd considered that possibly a piece of the dashboard buckled, creating a jagged piece that cut deeply into his upper leg, maybe to the bone, and maybe breaking said bone. Is that plausible? If not, what would be? Also, would being intoxicated complicate surgeries, blood transfusions, etc?

As an additional note, depression due to the loss of his wife could also play a role in his recovery, or lack thereof (unwillingness to go to physical therapy, etc.)

Search terms:
I wish I would have kept better track of what I’ve searched, but it didn’t occur to me. I did search things such as “severe laceration to the upper leg,” “car wreck + permanent limp,” “permanent limp,” “muscle necrosis,” “muscle crush injury,” etcetc.

While I’ve found some very helpful things (such as this community), most of the postings and suggestions I’ve found so far regard people being injured at a very young age, or in their teenage years – this character is 51, so I figured that might change some things. Additionally, most of them suggest nerve injury, or injury to the knee/ankle/foot, with only passing mentions of limps due to serious lacerations, car wrecks, etc, which was more what I’m aiming for. I'm open to any suggestions, however, as long as it fits within the car wreck scenario.

I apologize in advance for probably making this far more complicated than it needs to be.

Tags: ~booze, ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order

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