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what advanced degree?

I am trying to develop an educational backstory for a character. She is the mayor of a town iof about 10,000 people, in the western US. It's a regional center with community college, county-wide high school, etc. It is about three hours away from a major city (Denver). She is married, with teenaged children.

The age of her children, and the length of her husband's medical school training/residency, has made me decide that she earned a college degree before she married.

For the sake of the backstory, I am assuming:
1) she received a liberal arts BA, which would help her develop critcal thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills -- while still being a generalist, and
2) after her children were in school, she entered a Masters program, which meant commuting a couple of days a week to Denver.

The question is, what kind of Masters program would help her be qualified for her position as mayor/city manger? She would need training in:

governmental policy
(and anything else related you can think of)

I don't want her to have an MBA.

I think there are several possibilities, but would like your input on this.

ETA: Thanks a lot for your help!

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