Voleur de Feu (voleurdefeu) wrote in little_details,
Voleur de Feu

Translation: outdated czech word for "success"


quick, but highly specific question ahead: I'm looking for a czech word for "success", "fortune", that could have been used in the early 17th century. Since this language changed so much in the course of time, I'm not quite sure if I could get away with using the "modern" words. T
rouble is, at that time, czech wasn't an official language...

(I actually haven't figured out how to google this one. I've read various articles on the development of the czech language and scanned through various dictionaries, but the oldest one I could get hold of was from the late 19th century)

Oh dear...
Any help, any hint would be highly appreciated!

Edit: Solved! Thank you!
Tags: ~languages: czech

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