Ninja Kitty (beadattitude) wrote in little_details,
Ninja Kitty

Walking with wood

Hey all, I'm working on a fic where one of the lead characters has to walk back to his quarters with a full-on erection. He's wearing khakis and boxers. How uncomfortable *is* that, and what might be steps he'd take to minimize his discomfort while he walks, presumably slowly, back home.

Hmm, oh, he and his partner are indulging in a little mutual orgasm denial and it's 3:30 in the morning, so he's unlikely to run into anyone who'll shock him into shrinkage.

Thank you!

ETA:You know, on a related point; my hero is heading home alone and hard and this is the second time today he's gotten all dressed up, so to speak, and nowhere to go. And he's promised not to jerk off when he gets home. I think I should add blue ball questions to my post; how uncomfortable, as is it uncomfortable? Is it like a muscle cramp or...? And is there anything besides ejaculating to relive the pressure?

Also, is he going to be able to get to sleep like that?

Seriously, y'all, thanks so much.
Tags: ~sex

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