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Shallow Knife Wounds: Treatment amd Healing Time

So I've got a character who ends up on the bad side of a psycho with a thing for knives. He's kidnapped and held captive by this guy for five days, and ends up being tortured rather badly.

1. The bad guy makes several small incisions on the character's body, mainly his chest, stomach and thighs. The cuts are maybe 3-4 inches in length, shallow, and don't hit any major arteries. I know that the human body can survive a loss of upto 25% of blood volume, but would the amount lost be enough for him to bleed to death? No efforts are made to stop the bleeding. If it matters, he's a Delta Force guy, late 20s, and in excellent physical condition.

2. What would be the effects of leaving the wounds untreated for 3-4 days? Infection, sepsis? The character is being held in a reasonably clean cell that is washed about once a day with plain water. The first treatment he recieves will be from the team that comes to rescue him.

3. What would the medic who first finds my character do? Clean the wounds, stitch them up? Or would it be too late for sutures? FWIW he's Special Forces and so has extensive training but no medical supplies other than what's available to him in his field bag.

ETA: The location is a safe house in Afghanistan, sometime in 2004/2005. 

I tried googling 'shallow knife wound treatment' and 'shallow knife wound healing', but didn't get much. Any info would be much appreciated! 
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~military (misc)

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