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mariage during the regency

Setting: Regency England

Search terms: "regency marriage", "regency marriage bed", "regency sex", "regency bedrooms"; also I've been all over the Jane Austen Information Page, Jane Austen's World, The Jane Austen Society of North America, Nancy Regency Researcher, and a bunch of other Jane Austen/Regency research sites (and there are lots of them).

I have been all over the internet on this one and I'm getting nowhere, so maybe you guys can help. All I need to know is if an upper class married couple would typically keep two separate bedrooms and if they'd be considered odd for sleeping in the same bed some/most of the time. Does anyone know?

ETA: If anyone has a good resource that discussed regency marriage in general, I would be very much obliged. I can find all sorts of information about courtship, marriage ceremonies, marriage laws, divorce laws, but nothing about the day to day ins and outs of the marriage itself.
Tags: 1810-1819, uk: history: regency period, ~marriage, ~sex

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